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Oats – Do they contain gluten?

The short answer is NO, oat does not contain gluten.

You can call a product gluten free only when it contains less than 20 mg gluten/kg. Due to the rotation of harvests, to the crops on the field next to the field of oats, during transport, manutention and storage, other grains which contain gluten get mixed with the oats. This so called cross contamination is enough to make the content of gluten in oats rise above the tolerated level. This is a shame, because oats are naturally gluten free!


The oats used in the Turtle gluten free porridges are certified gluten free. That means that the oats are isolated from other sources of gluten during the entire chain of production – from the fields and until they are safely packaged in sealed bags - in order to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Analyses are made regularly to ensure that the oats are pure and that the levels of gluten are well below the limits.


Oats are an important source of wholegrain and fibre in your diet, and even more so when you eat gluten free and therefore don’t get wholegrain through wholegrain bread. With the wholegrain oats and oat bran, Turtle glutenfree porridges are an entirely natural source of wholegrain and fibre, which can be eaten safely even by those with hypersensitive digestive systems or suffering from coeliac disease.