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Turtle believes that a better world starts at the table

Nothing beats a good start into the day. With a generous bowl of oats for breakfast, the whole family is ready to take on the day ahead, feeling healthy and happy. Turtle Porridge is 100 % organic and naturally sweet. Its ingredients are grown with care, with no toxic substances, packaged in environmentally friendly packaging and contain no preservatives or added sugar. High in fibre and slow-release carbohydrates.


Every box of Turtle Organic Porridge is filled with our dedication to your health and our infinite respect for our planet.


With a little water or milk - cow’s milk, soya, rice or almond - you can prepare a delicious, smooth and easily digestible bowl of porridge within minutes. Even eaten raw, with just a dash of cold milk or yoghurt, Turtle Organic Porridge will keep you feeling pleasantly full for hours.


Choose from six delicious organic blends, each of which has a positive impact on your energy, your mood and your cholesterol. Three of them are gluten-free, specifically for people with a hypersensitive digestive system.


Turtle Organic Porridge is the perfect start to a great day.

Give it a try!